A small introduction

Our Mission

Amity Clinic is committed to bring healing to the suffering body and spirit, to further educate our patients of better prevention methods, and to empower our patients’ own healing power.

Practicing and learning Chinese medicine

My Passion, My Life.

I promise I will never give up when it comes to treatment strategies because I am always driven by my deep passion in Chinese medicine. Practicing and learning Chinese medicine is going to my lifetime journey.


Carmen Chin, L.Ac.

I am a graduate from the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine with a Master’s degree in acupuncture and herbal medicine. It has been a long and loopy journey for me to discover my dream of becoming a Chinese Medicine practitioner. Once I discovered it, the dream had never been stronger. In my dreams, people are smiling when they get relieved. In my dreams, I am happy and content that I can bring healing to the sufferings. And in reality, I am even happier that my dream came true.

3rd generation barefoot doctor

Mr Lei

After graduation, I travelled to China and followed two different doctors. One is a 3rd generation barefoot doctor Mr. Lei. I am so grateful that Mr. Lei unreservedly passed on to me his knowledge, experience, and the secret formulas passed down from his ancestors. All these formulas and methods are highly effective for certain conditions, such as female issues, toothache, Shingles, various skin problems, cold/flu, hemorrhoid, stroke sequelae, and pain / neuropathy due to herniated disc, bone spur or hyperosteogeny, frozen shoulder, or other orthopedic problems. I asked Mr. Lei why he taught me without any reservation. Mr. Lei explained, “I can see hope and genuineness in you.” At that moment, my eyes teared up. I hope I will never disappoint my first private teacher Mr. Lei and I thank him sincerely.

Practicing in Shen Zhen

Dr. Lu

The second doctor I followed was Dr. Lu who is currently practicing in Shen Zhen, China. When I first met him, I was amazed by his friendliness. He seemed to have a halo above his head. He was so eager to teach me. He shared with me what he thinks real Chinese Medicine is and how Chinese Medicine influenced his beliefs and values. He also shared with me the photos he took with his famous reputable teachers and his celebrity patients, from the Governor to movie stars. He said he was not trying to show off to me as the photos are good reminders for him: good health is more important than wealth and power. He looked at the pictures taken with his teachers on his walls daily to remind himself of the valuable knowledge that he learned from them and the importance of passing down the knowledge to students. I can’t believe how much I have learned from Dr. Lu and Dr. Lu promised me to be my lifetime mentor.