Amity Clinic is committed to bring healing to the suffering body and spirit, to further educate our patients of better prevention methods, and to empower our patients’ own healing power.
  • Practicing and learning Chinese medicine.
  • I promise I will never give up when it comes to treatment strategies because I am always driven by my deep passion in Chinese medicine. Practicing and learning Chinese medicine is going to my lifetime journey.
  • Practitioner

    I graduated from Oregon College of Oriental Medicine with a Master’s degree in acupuncture and herbal medicine. There are plenty of doctors (both MD and TCM doctors) in our families. I am the 4th generation but never thought of becoming a doctor. It has been a long and loopy journey for me to discover my dream of becoming a Chinese Medicine practitioner. Once I discovered it, the dream had never been stronger because I myself benefit from this medicine every day. Both my emotional /spiritual health and physical health keep on improving each day as I study, learn, and practice daily. In my dream, people are smiling when they get relieved. In my dream, I am happy and content that I can bring healing to the sufferings. And in reality, I am even happier that my dream has come true.

  • My Influencer
  • President/Dean of Tong Ji Medical University and Hospital
    My Uncle

    After graduation, I stayed in China for a few months and followed my uncle and his colleagues. My uncle provided me the best resources and opportunities to learn from the top doctors in the TCM department. It was eye opening and mind blowing to see how they treated all different health conditions with such a high successful rate. Following them everyday had given me so much faith in this traditional medicine.

  • Mr. Lei – a 3rd generation bare foot doctor
    Dr. Lu – a successful doctor in Shen Zhen

    I also got an opportunity to follow a bare foot doctor Mr. Lei and Dr. Lu. Both of them specialize in pain. They provided me a lot of their effective formulas in treating neck pain, back pain, neuropathy, sciatica, and etc. In the past years of my own practice, their methods and formulas have been proven to be very effective as well.

  • Other Pictures While I was visiting China

  • With professors and students in Tong Ji Medical University

    Tong Ji Medical University and Hospital

    With Dr. Lu in front of his clinic

Testimonies from patients

I got into a car accident and the pain was so excruciating that it prevented me from sleeping. Carmen took great care of me since the first treatment. After six treatments, my pain decreased by 80%, range of motion and sleep also improved greatly. I can’t say enough good things about the clinic. Highly recommend!